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The best thing I ever did was hire Caroline Kresky

By Jill

Caroline Kresky is the attorney other attorneys hire. Several years ago, I retained Caroline for a high net worth divorce. The case proceeded to span multiple jurisdictions and numerous areas of law including real estate, corporate, tax, civil fraud, trusts & estates, complex business transactions, and bankruptcy. Caroline was able to personally litigate all facets of this extremely complex divorce case winning numerous civil contempt actions including incarceration for criminal contempt. As a 25-year practicing attorney I have never encountered an attorney as brilliant or dedicated as Caroline. In addition to a photographic memory, Caroline is the most responsive attorney I have ever met. We spent hours in the early morning and late evening every day for 4 years dealing with unprecedented litigation. Caroline’s ability to process, assess, and respond to volumes of discovery and motions was truly impressive. Her personal work capacity is simply amazing. Moreover, Caroline is respected by federal, state, and local judges and is feared by opposing counsel. Caroline won a multi-million-dollar decree against an army of attorneys. Irrespective of her unparalleled litigation skills and genuine dedication to her clients, Caroline understands the realities of litigation. Years after the conclusion of this case, we remain friends and I am forever grateful for her representation and enduring friendship. The best thing I ever did was hire Caroline Kresky.

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