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Grandparent Rights

Child custody and visitation are crucial topics in many Georgia divorce cases, and parents are at the forefront in negotiating agreements and pursuing court action to protect their rights. The interests of grandparents tend to fall by the wayside. It is important to understand how the laws apply, as you do have rights to maintain a relationship with grandchildren regardless of whether their parents remain together. Courts recognize the beneficial, influential role grandparents play in the development and well-being of the child.

However, Georgia laws still prioritize the rights of parents in most situations. Disputes often arise when grandparents want to spend time with the child, and you benefit from retaining skilled legal counsel for help with challenges. Kresky Law is committed to protecting your interests, so please contact an Atlanta grandparent rights lawyer about your options. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your circumstances, and some background information is useful.

Overview of Laws on Grandparents’ Rights

Georgia laws support the right of grandparents to have parenting time with their grandchild, and the arrangement can be incorporated into the co-parenting schedule. There are two factors to note with grandparent rights cases:

1. The relationship between the child’s parents must be severed, either in the sense that they are separated, or divorced. A court will not address parenting time for grandparents when the grandchild’s parents are married.

2. As with other matters involving children, the child’s best interests are the paramount consideration with grandparent rights. Granting visitation must meet the legal criteria of the child’s best interests standard, a set of factors that relate to the child’s health, development, and well-being. A court will likely allow grandparent visitation when the arrangement supports these interests.

How an Attorney Can Assist with Your Legal Options

When you are seeking to protect your relationship with your grandchild, keep in mind that there may be alternatives to going to court. You may be able to work out an agreement with the parents, either through negotiations or mediation. If you want to pursue your rights in court, you will need to file a petition requesting that the judge order grandparent visitation.

Our Atlanta grandparent rights attorneys at Kresky Law are dedicated to serving your needs throughout the legal process. We will assist by:

  • Consulting with you on your goals
  • Preparing a strategy regarding your available options
  • Proposing an arrangement for grandparent visitation to your grandchild’s parents
  • Negotiating an agreement with the parents to work out details without court
  • Advocating on your behalf during mediation
  • Filing a petition in court to having a judge decide grandparent rights

Count on a Georgia Grandparent Rights Attorney for Legal Advice

You can see that help from an experienced family lawyer is essential when your goal is to spend time with your grandchild after the parents split up. To learn more about options and possible strategies, please contact Kresky Law. We can set up a case evaluation with an Atlanta grandparent rights lawyer who will explain ways to ensure you maintain a relationship with your grandchildren.

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