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Marital Balance Sheets, Business Valuations and Appraisals With Consultants and Experts

While every divorce is different, these cases share a common element because all parties must address marital property during the process. No matter how long you were married or your net worth, Georgia property division laws apply the principles of equitable distribution. Plus, divorce statutes also allow for alimony in appropriate situations. Under these circumstances, there may be a need to assess complex assets and debts. You can expect to address marital balance sheets, business valuations and appraisals with consultants and experts as part of divorce proceedings.

Though complicated, the analysis aims to ensure fairness when negotiating agreements on property division and alimony, as well as in court. If your divorce involves complicated assets and debts, you can trust Kresky Law to protect your interests. We are experienced in working with professionals, so they are an important part of our strategy to support you. Please contact us to speak to an Atlanta divorce attorney today. We can schedule a consultation to discuss details, and an overview is helpful.

Overview of Property Division and Alimony Laws

Georgia divorce laws follow the rule of equitable distribution for property division, which involves two steps:

1. Determining what assets and debts are marital because they were acquired during the marriage, and separating them from items incurred beforehand

2. Splitting all marital assets in accordance with the interests of fairness and equity, which may not mean an equal division

Either party can request spousal support, and a court may grant it in appropriate cases. The financial gap between the parties is important with alimony, so a judge will weigh many factors to determine type, amount, and duration.

How Consultants and Experts Help Your Case

Based upon the above information, you can see how a careful, thorough financial analysis is essential for property division and alimony. Lawyers often work closely with these professionals on:

  • Marital balance sheets that itemize separate property, marital assets, and debts of the parties
  • Business valuations when one or both spouses have an ownership interest or one party contributed to the company
  • Appraisals of complex assets such as retirement, investment accounts, pensions, insurance, investment real estate, and many others

Legal Support with Property Division and Alimony

One of the most efficient, effective ways to resolve these matters in divorce is to negotiate an agreement. If you cannot resolve disagreements, it will be necessary to go to court. Our Atlanta divorce attorneys at Kresky Law work with consultants and experts to leverage your goals during negotiations for a marital settlement agreement. We may also retain their help for input in a court case or testifying at trial.

Get Legal Advice from a Skilled Georgia Divorce Lawyer

For more information on marital balance sheets, business valuations and appraisals with consultants and experts, please contact Kresky Law. We are happy to set up a case review with an Atlanta divorce attorney. After learning more about your situation, we can tell you more about the role these professionals play in supporting your needs in a divorce case or other family law matter.

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