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Caroline is an expert in her field and is unparalleled in her ability

For anyone who is facing a complex high net worth divorce, Caroline is the only choice. She deftly handled the emotional, financial, and legal rollercoaster of the dissolution of my marriage. Caroline is an expert in her field and is unparalleled in her ability to effectively drive to the right outcomes. I was calm and confident through every step of the legal process, knowing Caroline was on my side. She went head-to-head with the opposing counsel and always emerged a victor. She performs a lot of her own research and knows divorce law and precedent better than anyone. Caroline has an outstanding team supporting her and her clients.

- Former Client
She is unrivaled

I was faced with multiple battles across a 10-year period because of an unbelievably difficult child custody battle and I can honestly say that without Caroline’s experience, knowledge, tenacity and relentless obsession with the details, I would not have my daughter in my life at this moment. She is unrivaled especially when you are facing scary adversaries.

- Former Client
She is extremely smart

Caroline Kresky is a highly-skilled attorney who assisted me through a challenging family law litigation. She is extremely smart, very ethical, and one of the most brilliant professionals I have had the privilege to work with her. I would highly recommend Caroline for any family law or corporate law needs one might have. She knows the law and will do a great job for you.

- Former Client
She gave me a confidence, solid confidence

Caroline is someone you want on your team. She knows the Law and is extremely thorough and organized. Highly responsive. She is usually 3 steps ahead of everyone else and can think through complex scenarios to best define a strategy and defense for your case. She was easy to work with, and follow up was always fast. She gave me a confidence solid confidence that we were pursuing our legal strategy with the best execution possible.

- Former Client
The best divorce attorney in Georgia in my opinion

After going through a complex divorce with Caroline Kresky by my side, it was very clear that I was in the presence of a consummate professional. Caroline’s deep knowledge of the law and corporate structures were evident throughout the process. Caroline’s sincere care for me as a client and focus on outcomes and goals make her the best divorce attorney in Georgia in my opinion.

- Former Client
Determined. Knowledgeable. Effective.

Caroline and team are... Determined. Knowledgeable. Effective. Unyielding. Accessible. And kind.

- Laura
Kresky epitomizes integrity and is intrepid in forging ahead against what at times appear to be overwhelming odds

Caroline Kresky’s moral integrity forms a tenacious coat over all of her personal engagements and legal proceedings. Indefatigable in attending to every detail and eventuality, Kresky not only provides exhaustive evidence in support of her arguments but also cites case precedents that confirm her legal interpretation. But perhaps even more inspiring, Kresky is intrepid in forging ahead against what at times appear to be overwhelming odds, finding repeatedly a clear path to a successful outcome. No one will work harder, longer, or smarter for you.

- Michelle H.
I ended up in a much better position with a superior outcome

I am so glad I hired Caroline Kresky to represent me. Her understanding of the law and knowledge of the law is amazing and it was clear during my case that her knowledge of the law resulted in favorable results for me. She is strategic, intuitive, resourceful, smart, bold, thorough, and competitive which is exactly what I needed in this situation. I am grateful I hired her and am confident I ended up in a much better position with a superior outcome as a result of her engagement.

- Former Client
The best thing I ever did was hire Caroline Kresky

Caroline Kresky is the attorney other attorneys hire. Several years ago, I retained Caroline for a high net worth divorce. The case proceeded to span multiple jurisdictions and numerous areas of law including real estate, corporate, tax, civil fraud, trusts & estates, complex business transactions, and bankruptcy. Caroline was able to personally litigate all facets of this extremely complex divorce case winning numerous civil contempt actions including incarceration for criminal contempt. As a 25-year practicing attorney I have never encountered an attorney as brilliant or dedicated as Caroline. In addition to a photographic memory, Caroline is the most responsive attorney I have ever met. We spent hours in the early morning and late evening every day for 4 years dealing with unprecedented litigation. Caroline’s ability to process, assess, and respond to volumes of discovery and motions was truly impressive. Her personal work capacity is simply amazing. Moreover, Caroline is respected by federal, state, and local judges and is feared by opposing counsel. Caroline won a multi-million-dollar decree against an army of attorneys. Irrespective of her unparalleled litigation skills and genuine dedication to her clients, Caroline understands the realities of litigation. Years after the conclusion of this case, we remain friends and I am forever grateful for her representation and enduring friendship. The best thing I ever did was hire Caroline Kresky.

- Jill
Smart as a whip

Smart as a whip, integrates complex facts quickly, highly responsive and efficient, and forms a personal connection. Better help doesn't exist, particularly when the stakes matter.

- Wendy
You need a fighter on your side

Originally referred to Caroline by a trusted neighbor, I’m thankful to have had such a talented attorney especially considering my circumstances. Having a divorce in mid-stream moved from California to Georgia was difficult at best but it was accomplished. Owning a business without a prenuptial would typically make for a difficult case. With Caroline’s expertise and guidance, years of hard work prior to my marriage were salvaged. Protection of premarital assets and their appreciation during the marriage was achieved by having a thoroughly developed strategy. An attorney is key in any divorce, especially one in which the deck is stacked against you. Caroline knew the truth and made sure the courts did every step of the way. Each small victory led to overall victory in the State of Georgia. If you have assets and feel as if you are backed into a corner, you need a fighter on your side. I hope I never have this experience again but if I do there is only one person I’ll call. Thank you, Caroline, for helping to protect my future.

- Frank
She was relentless throughout the entire process

Caroline is incredible. My case was three years of a non-stop relentless battle. She had to fight in multiple states and different courts to uncover high levels of assets buried in layers of fraud. With an extensive financial background and legal brilliance, you will have a profound advantage from the start. She will not stop working, and is always available to explain every aspect of your case. I would not have made it to the end of my case without her. My case was a highly complex, a three-year grueling battle. It involved multiple courts which were out of state, over 50 LLC's, and a litigious defendant, however, Caroline handled every aspect of this complicated divorce. She was relentless throughout the entire process, her level of integrity, expertise, and perseverance are unparalleled.

- Robyn
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