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Work With Consultants and Experts in Divorce and Custody Matters

Divorce, child custody, and other family law matters tend to evoke powerful emotions, which is why some parties may overlook how these issues affect their financial and legal rights. In ending your marital relationship, there may be complications with property division and alimony under Georgia law. As parents, you may need to address a parenting plan on decision making and parenting time. With some cases, you can benefit if you work with consultants and experts in divorce and custody matters.

Our team at Kresky Law has extensive experience dealing with a range of professionals in family law matters, so we are able to leverage their input to your advantage. You have important interests to protect, both financially and as a parent. Please contact our firm to set up a case evaluation with an Atlanta divorce and custody lawyer. It is also useful to review some information on how these consultants might participate in your case.

Areas Where Experts Support Your Case

With divorce and family law matters, input from consultants, advisors, and other professionals can help with strategy. They may offer crucial support with:

  • Property Division: Georgia law requires that all marital assets and debts are subject to equitable distribution. To determine what is fair, it is necessary to know the value of real estate, personal property, and investments. Tracking ownership and contributions toward assets is also important for assessing marital versus separate property.

  • Alimony: In-depth financial analysis is also necessary for proving your rights to spousal support or defending your ex’s attempts to seek it. Courts look at financial resources of the parties and contributions to the marriage and household, which have value.

  • Child Custody and Visitation: To establish a parenting plan that complies with the child’s best interests, it may be necessary to consult with experts in child behavior, education, and development.

Consultants and Experts in Legal Proceedings

These professionals are especially useful when negotiating agreements in the areas mentioned above, as they give you a better understanding of your financial big picture. They can assess and prepare marital balance sheets, business valuations, and appraisals that set the stage for negotiations. Consultants and experts can also assist with mediation, where parties try to resolve disputes through guidance from a mediator.

If your case goes to court, these experts may be involved as consultants behind the scenes. They can assist your Atlanta divorce and family law attorney in developing a trial strategy. Kresky Law also retains the services of these professionals to appear in court. We may ask them to testify on your behalf to convince the judge of your position. Plus, their testimony is useful for contesting claims of the experts retained by the opposing side.

Trust a Georgia Family Law Attorney to Advise You

It is wise to work with consultants and experts in divorce and custody matters, as these professionals provide valuable input. To learn more about how we develop a strategy to support your rights, please contact Kresky Law. We can schedule a consultation with an Atlanta family lawyer who will advise you divorce and custody disputes.

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