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You need a fighter on your side

By Frank

Originally referred to Caroline by a trusted neighbor, I’m thankful to have had such a talented attorney especially considering my circumstances. Having a divorce in mid-stream moved from California to Georgia was difficult at best but it was accomplished. Owning a business without a prenuptial would typically make for a difficult case. With Caroline’s expertise and guidance, years of hard work prior to my marriage were salvaged. Protection of premarital assets and their appreciation during the marriage was achieved by having a thoroughly developed strategy. An attorney is key in any divorce, especially one in which the deck is stacked against you. Caroline knew the truth and made sure the courts did every step of the way. Each small victory led to overall victory in the State of Georgia. If you have assets and feel as if you are backed into a corner, you need a fighter on your side. I hope I never have this experience again but if I do there is only one person I’ll call. Thank you, Caroline, for helping to protect my future.

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